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Al Hamdulillah, You have various reasons to Join us

Proved Deeniyat Syllabus

Deeniyat covers: Quran, Hadith, Aqaid o Masail, Islami Tarbiyat and Zabaan 

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Personal focus on every student

The teacher student ratio in primary classes is 1:15. and in elder classes the class is 1:5. Also Ustad make individual voice calls to students if required.

Islamic activities for kids to make learning interesting

It is often seen that kids are afraid of Islamic Studies because how we represent it to them. 

To counter that we do various activities to make learning fun and engaging. 

Lowest price with best Quality Education

We have multiple layer of supervision on the classes, so that you get most authentic and perfect knowledge you are searching for, that too at the lowest price among all the Online Islamic Courses.

About Us

Online Islamic Institute is a non-profit educational institute focuses on

Quality Islamic Education for all ages and gender.

All efforts made by us is to please Allah swt. Since we don't ask for charity we charge fee. This fee is used to appreciate Ustad's time and other running cost of Institute.

Our courses are specially designed for school going children and working professionals who can't dedicate their full time in Islamic learning yet they want to build a strong bond with Allah swt.


Syllabus is the direction of an Educational Institute, and get informed here in which direction you are moving


You might have your own demand of Knowledge, Checkout which of your requirement can we fulfill.


A right team does right thing and a great team leads to do great things. What kind of team do we have? Checkout here


Its always interesting to see what people are doing, to know what we will be doing at OII. 


Tabrez Ali Khan, Exclusive Classes

I would highly recommend the OII exclusive class programme at Online Islamic Institute. Masha Allah, the teaching is of a very high calibre which naturally allows each and every single student to thrive in their learning.

The standard of Arabic is of a great quality. The environment at Online Islamic Institute is truly one of spiritual upliftment and inspiration. Not only did I gain in-depth sacred knowledge but more importantly it had a great impact on my spiritual development 

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