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Who's Mufti Hammad Ahmed?

Mufti Hammad Ahmed is a well-respected Young Muslim scholar, author, and academician. He completed his ‘Ifta’ from Madrasa Jamia Mahmoodia, Meerut and ‘Adab’ from Mazahir Uloom, Saharanpur (2014).


Apart from being Imam and Khateeb at his local Maszid he is taking responsibility of being Vice President of Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind, Gutthalli Branch, Banglore Since 2016. He is an integral part of the active Muslim community.


Mufti Hammad Ahmed has been serving as a Principal and faculty member at Online Islamic Institute, ever since its formation in the year 2020.


As an author, Mufti Hammad Ahmed has written a 368 pages masterpiece published in September 2020 under the title “Tazkiratul Ambiya”. He has brilliantly covered the detailed story of 12 Prophets deriving lessons for daily life in this modern era. The sequel (part 2 & 3) to this book will be released soon, In Shaa Allah.


His research interests include understanding issues with Muslim Youth, In-depth analysis of  Islamic History, Tafseer ul Quran, and Reformation of Islamic Education. Ever Since 2015, he is a regular orator on Islamic Television Channel “Shemaroo Ibadat”, speaking on various aspects of Muslim Community.


This Ramadan, He has decided to launch a Quran Tafseer Course for Muslim Youth, under the title "Islahi Majlis with Quran". In this course you will not only get insights of 20 Surah's of Quran but will reform (Islah) to a better person


With a daily investment of 1 Hr you will be able to make this Ramadan- The best Ramadan of your life- In Shaa Allah.

Ask the Scholar

Ask any Question on Islam and get answer from Authentic Scholars and Experts 

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A WhatsApp

"The purpose of Ramadan is to improve ourself to a better person,

What's better than Quran for our Islah?"

Islahi Mazlis with Quran

"This is not another Quran Tafseer class,

But it's an online Khanqah where you find yourself becoming a better person everyday."

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Salah - Quran - Islah

"Salah is a source of Islah,

when we understand the Quran in Salah"

So, we focus on the part of Quran used in Salah.

Understand Quran for Islah

We will let you memorize the meaning of only 

"Key words" at Surah, 

This will be easier to memorize & faster to recall.

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100% Interactive Session 

To make the session more beneficial, we allow you to ask Questions During the Tafseer through text and you will be answered live.

Implement Quran in
your Daily Life

Tafseer-e-Quran is in such a way that you will

relate Quran with your daily life- in this modern era.

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Key focus,
where Allah focus on.

"Knowledge of Quran is as deep as Ocean, 

In our crash course, we focus on those area where Allah swt Himself focus on"



A team of Mufti and Alim are available 24x7 for you to answer all of your personal Queries

and Masle-Masail.

Also, you will get a certificate of course completion which you will be proud of.

Free Ramadan Activity for Kids

Online Islamic Institute provides Exciting Ramadan Activity every year exclusively for its Junior Students (Age: 05 to 12 Years).

This year we are providing them with "Moral Prophetic Story" and "Daily Ibadat Challange", To enhance their Akhlaq and Ibadat.

With this subscription you get 2 tickets to access these Fun Activities for your Kids.

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Team up with your Family 

Don't be alone in the path to Jannah,

Instead invite your whole family and spend one hour with Quran and the Scholar of Islam.

Why do we take fee?

Indeed Quran is for all and we don't sell knowledge of Quran.

The course fee you pay helps us bear operational cost (Like website etc) and to appreciate the time of Scholar of Islam.

Thanks to the fee you pay, we are able to provide Quality education to those who can't afford the fee in discounted rate.

Quranic Knowledge is most valuable thing in this Earth hence it cannot be cheap.

Fee you pay are Sadqa-e-Zariya for you and Quranic Knowledge you earn are best of Ibadat for you. Altogether, it's an win- win situation when you enroll for the "Islahi Majlis with Quran". 


Excited to join the Majlis?

To register for the "Islahi Majlis" Click here

To know the etiquette of the "Majlis" Click here

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