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As foretold by our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the Arab land will be covered in flora after 1400 years.

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

On Earth, several climatological cycles emerge over vast, gradual periods that can last hundreds or even thousands of years. As a result, regions of ice rock may melt after a given amount of time, and the same is true of the Arabian Peninsula's desert green terrain.

Hadith of Greenery in Arab countries

The Prophet Muhammad SAWW first made a prophecy regarding this omen long before modern civilization revealed more about climate phenomena and the earth's life cycle. Rasulullah SAWW said in a hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah:

The Arabian Peninsula will turn green even after 1400 years, as prophesied by the Prophet (NUBUWWAH).

The Saudi Project's push for its climate change commitments by advancing its environmental protection and energy transition initiatives, such as the Saudi Green Initiative and the Middle East Green Initiative, which were first announced by Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman last year, is expected to bring about the greenery of the Arabian Peninsula soon with high enthusiasm.

By announcing it will donate $2.5 billion to the Middle East Green Initiative on Monday, November 7th, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is making a further investment in the shift to a green economy.

The funds will be set to good use for the ten years that follow.

The Crown Prince launched the Middle East Green Initiative last year, which aspires to cut regional hydrocarbon production's carbon emissions by more than 60%.

It intends to restore 200 million hectares of degraded land in the Middle East by replanting 50 billion trees.

What is the Saudi green initiative?

  • 50 Billion trees to be planted across the Middle East.

  • Fifty percent of energy will come from renewable energy projects by 2030.

  • Sixty percent reduction in carbon emission in the Middle East.

  • Thirty percent of Saudi land will be protected, including its’ coastal ecosystem.

As per the proposal, 600,000 sq m, or 30 % of the Kingdom's land area, will be put into protected areas, and efforts will be made to preserve the environment in the surrounding area.

More than 18 million trees have been planted in the Kingdom since the start of the Saudi Green Initiative alone, and 17 new initiatives have been launched nationwide to restore natural greenery and the potential impact of climate change.

The Prophet's hadith, which will soon come true as a result of the Saudi coalition's greens push, serves as a reminder and a warning to everyone that the end is getting closer. Before this dreadful day comes up, let us deepen our faith by following the Prophet's and Allah's commands and abstain from every one of their prohibitions.

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