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Beer is completely outlawed in Qatar during the FIFA World Cup in 2022.

On Friday, November 18, the Qatari government formally outlawed the sale of beer in the eight stadiums that will serve as the sites of the 2022 World Cup games. Many football fans were astonished by the ban because it was announced just two days before the first game.

FIFA has confirmed the rule that forbids the selling of alcoholic beverages inside the stadium's perimeter. Due to this legislation, alcoholic beverages, including beer, are only offered in fan zones after 7 p.m. and in entertainment establishments that have a valid licence.

When Qatar offered to host the World Cup, it was understood that it would adhere to FIFA's rules regarding the sale of alcohol in stadiums. However, the information was not made public until September, 11 weeks before the game's opening kickoff, demonstrating how.

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