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Free Course

Online Islamic Institute is a mission-oriented organization, we intend to serve the ummah (Which includes both students and teachers).

The fee you pay causes benefits you in many ways:

1. You receive Quality- Authentic Islamic Education

2. A portion of your fee is utilized for providing education to unprivileged students.

3. A major portion of your fee is given to Ustad who is not so well to do financially.

4. A portion of your fee is utilized for reach other students worldwide so that they can also learn Islam.


Hence, Your fee is not just fee- Its Sadqa-e-zariya for you.

Yet, if you can't afford the fee, you are most welcome to help yourself with our Quality videos. These are the same Sabaq Videos which our premium students are receiving on daily basis as 'Sabaq for the day'.

Hence, Start your journey today with only 15 minutes a day. Watch only 1 video from each playlist and practice by yourself,

In shaa Allah you will see results in a month.

Hifz e Surah.png


Here you will learn to recite chapters of Quran with daily small aayah, which will be very easy for you to cope-up, and yes- it's with Tazweed!!

The ustad is First rank holder in National Qirat Competition-2022 Held at Islamic Cultural Centre, New Delhi.


In these series of videos you will get to know everything about Beloved Prophet Muhammad (sws), from very basic to advance.

Seerat Un Nabi.png
Noorani Qaeda.png


Follow this playlist daily if you want to learn reading Al Quran. Believe me, it's very easy with us.


Learn daily dua with us and fill your life with  Masnoon dua for every moment.

Dua o Sunnat.png
Akhlaqi Taleem.png


Building Character is part of Iman, have a daily reminder for yourself and build your Akhlaq.


Namaz (Salah) is a pillar of Islam and performing it in the best way is our responsibility. Watch these series of videos and improve your namaz bit by bit.

Islamic General Knowledge.png


It's time to upgrade your general knowledge. Join us, we will start from very basic for you. In shaa Allah.


Join us to memorize 40 authentic Hadith. Beloved Prophet (sws) said: "Whoever preserves forty hadeeth for my ummah will be recorded as a faqeeh”. 

Please make dua for us, as we have collected 40 very small, relevant and interesting Hadith for you.

Hifz e Hadith.png
Aqaaid .png


Our Aqaid (Belief) is in "Oneness of Allah". Let's get to learn more about it.


Learning to read and write Urdu is not mandatory in Islam, but you get exposure to tons of Islamic books when you get to know this language.

Join us daily, we will teach you reading and writing of this language.



In this series of videos we try to create an interest in this language. Here you won't get master in Arabic, but will get motivated to learn it. Not with us, but we will recommend you to join Understand Quran Academy, Hyderabad or Bayyinah Institute, USA. 

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